Thursday, February 16, 2012

Location Based Alerting Systems - WTF?

 Ok, I guess it makes sense.. If there is some sort of emergency in your area (based on location services on your phone) a text alert can be sent to you. This message is in the form of a pop up.

I got one today. It simply read, "CMAS Alert" with an option to click a "Dismiss" button. That's it.

A little research and I found out that this message:
"CMAS Alert" followed by "Civil Emergency in this area until 1:24 PM EST Take Shelter Now U.S. Govern."

WTF?? Take shelter now?!? I think that I would rather have an SMS with MORE detail or link to a site with more information. People were unsettled to say the least when they received that message.

Here is a pic (from

Look here for reference: MORE

Monday, February 13, 2012

UPDATE: Hackers for Charity Cookbook

So, let us revisit the HFC cookbook idea..

Recently, a lot of people have asked what the status of the cookbook is.

Well, (embarrassingly so) we only received 15 submissions.. I know, right?

So, Hackers for Charity Cookbook: ROUND 3

****Send your submissions to


Name or handle:

Bio: (Optional, for directory)

Picture: (Optional, but desirable)

Origin: Story(interesting background?):

Recipe: *** Low effort, low clean up, low, low, low...

--Picture this: What is that cool thing that you like to make when you are just focused in on your work? It is easy, fast and low mess, no?

Example submission:


Kamera Zukleber

1. Wash two chicories, cut the ends and cut out the stem
2. wrap chirories in ham
3. cover with cheese (I use Leerdamer)
4. put it in the microwave for approx. five minutes at 600 W (just so that the cheese melts nicely)
5. take the plate out of the microwave and grind some fresh nutmeg over it
6. enjoy

PS: goes very nicely together with some baked potato, curd cheese and fresh chives


So, there you have it! Submit, submit, submit!