Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Larry Pesce will rock the keynote at Hack3rcon^3

We are thrilled to announce our keynote speaker for Hack3rcon^3, Larry Pesce.

Larry is a Security Evangelist and co-host for the PaulDotCom Security
Weekly podcast (www.pauldotcom.com). In the last 15 years in the
computer industry he has become a jack of many trades, including, of
course, computer security. Larry is also gainfully employed as a
Penetration Tester / Ethical Hacker with NWN Corporation's NProtect team
(nwnit.com). Larry's interests include geo-location, metadata, recon and
long walks on the beach.

Larry is also a prepper. He's always been prepared for the worse, but in
recent years Larry has come to believe that, contrary to popular
indicators, technology can improve and enrich our lives in a
post-apocalyptic, grid down scenario.  Larry documents his endeavors
into preserving helpful technology, reducing his requirements on
disaster relief and hacker mentality to self sufficiency and home
protection at his blog, SurvivalNerds (survivalnerds.com).

Larry’s other writing, guides and rants can be found on his blog at www.haxorthematrix.com and the SANS Reading Room.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

Call For Papers | Sponsors

Call for Papers

Call for Sponsors

Doomsday Eve

Doomsday preppers and cyber security enthusiasts will come together on Oct 19-21st, 2012, in Charleston, WV for Hack3rCon^3.

304Geeks want to welcome you to another year of mayhem in the hills. Hack3rCon^3 will present a mix of cyber security and doomsday preparation tactics.

Doomsday preparation:
What should I be stocking?
How should I stock it?
Where should I stock it?

Doomsday aftermath:
How will you communicate?
What will be standard currency? Water? Gas? Beer? Skills?
Where will you live?
How will you protect yourselves?

A lot of questions, right?

So, attendees, send us your ideas for topics.

Presenters, send us yours.

Sponsors and vendors, inquire for details.


By submitting your requests and submissions to submissions (hack3rcon@hack3rcon.org)

See you there,