Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Half of Social Networkers Post Risky Information, Study Finds

Half of Social Networkers Post Risky Information, Study Finds: More than half of all users of social networks in the U.S. are posting information that could put them at risk from cybercriminals, according to a Consumer Reports study. The magazine, which released its State of the Net survey today, noted that 52% of adults who use social networks, such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, have posted information like their full birth date, which could be used to commit crimes against them. … Of 2,000 Americans Consumer Reports surveyed in January, 9% said they had experienced some kind of trouble -- malware infections, scams, identity theft or harassment -- due to their presence on a social network. The study found that people who post personal information, such as their full birth dates, photos and names of children, home addresses, and times they'll be away from home, put themselves at the most risk of being taken advantage of. [Date: 4 May 2010; Source:]