Thursday, July 8, 2010

Repeat of SKorea, US cyberattacks does no damage:

Repeat of SKorea, US cyberattacks does no damage: Hundreds of computers that helped cause a wave
of outages on U.S. and South Korean government websites last July launched new attacks on the same sites,
but no major interference was reported, police said Thursday. The computers were programmed to attack
every July 7, according to police, so this year's assault appeared to be a continuation of last year's, which began over the July 4 holiday weekend in the U.S. but reached South Korea on July 7. More than 460
computers infected with malicious computer codes assaulted 25 websites, including those of the White House
and South Korea's presidential Blue House, on Wednesday, said Jeong Seok-hwa, a police officer handling
investigations of the cyberattacks. … [T]he computers apparently attacked again this year because last year's
malware hadn't been removed, not because another assault was launched. Date: 8 July 2010; Source: more..