Wednesday, July 7, 2010

U.S. cybersecurity R&D needs a master plan:

U.S. cybersecurity R&D needs a master plan: The federal government’s cybersecurity research and
development programs lack needed leadership and coordination, according to government auditors.
According to the Government Accountability Office, the government doesn’t have a prioritized national
cybersecurity research and development agenda. Officials also don't have the ability to track all active and
completed cybersecurity programs and a process to sufficiently share key information between government
and industry, auditors wrote in a report released today. “Without a current national cybersecurity R&D
agenda, the nation is at risk that agencies and private sector companies may focus on their individual
priorities, which may not be the most important national research priorities,” auditors wrote. … The lack of a
national agenda makes it more likely that programs won’t reflect national priorities, important decisions will be
postponed, and agencies will lack overall direction, GAO said. [Date: 6 July 2010; Source: