Thursday, July 8, 2010

Workplace Snooping and Data Theft on the Rise:

Workplace Snooping and Data Theft on the Rise: Thirty-five percent of companies believe that their
organisation's sensitive information has been given to competitors, according to a new survey. Cyber-Ark
Software's "Trust, Security and Passwords" global survey also found that 37 percent of IT professionals
surveyed cited former employees as the mostly likely source of this loss. However, human error followed
second, with 28 percent of respondents saying this was the most likely cause, followed by 10 percent who
believed that it was a result of an external hack, and 10 percent who cited the loss of a mobile device or
laptop. The survey found that the most popular sensitive information to be shared with competitors was the
customer database (26 percent) and R&D plans (13 percent). … In addition, Cyber-Ark's survey found that IT
professionals are increasingly using their privileges to access sensitive or confidential information. A total 41
percent of respondents admitted to abusing administrative passwords to do so, an increase from 33 percent
in 2008 and 2009. [Date: 7 July 2010; Source: hmore..]