Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Hacker's Cookbook

That's right!

Who: You

When: Now

What: Hackers for Charity Cookbook? wuh?

That’s right!

We are asking the hacker community to contribute their best recipes to be included in a Hackers Cookbook.


We have not picked a publisher yet, but we don’t imagine it will be difficult to find interest. (**hint hint.. interested publishers contact rob@304geeks.com)

How: Simple. Just submit your best recipes to cookfu@304geeks.com for consideration.

All categories, appetizers, entrees, desserts, beverages, etc.

1. Recipe and the story that goes with it.
2. Origin (country/region)
3. Pictures (optional, but desired)
4. Name, contact info and short bio. (Hacker nick will do, but if you want to benefit from the directory..)
We want to give something back to the contributors, so we plan to create a directory for the chefs in the book.

We are hoping to receive recipes from all around the world. Yep! If you have some InfoSec friends in other countries, please tell them about this project. We welcome their contribution!

First round of submissions are due by 4/1/2011

Who will contribute?

Ron Gula (CEO Tenable Network Security), Larry Pesce (Pauldotcom), Carlos Perez (Dark0perator), Mike Poor (Inguardians) and Dave Kennedy (social-engineer.com) just to name a few!!

So, whether you have "Reverse Engineered or Fuzzed" a popular recipe, or you want to drop a 0day on us, we would love to see your work!
Join in on the fun!!!


Hackers for Charity