Sunday, September 4, 2011

Network King of the Hill (NetKotH) Challenge Returns To Hack3rCon

Network King of the Hill (NetKotH) will be returning to Hack3rCon this year. The rules are the same as last years challenge:

w/dvdrom (unless you already have Backtrack 4 installed on your
computer OR OS of your choice.)
***Depending on how many participants we have, you may need to provide
a cat5 cable. Wireless will be available but not recommended ;-)


1. The teams will be given IPs to web servers with vulnerabilities to
attack, their goal is to deface the front page on each. Expect there to be a
Linux and a Windows box, and maybe some surprises. J The IPs for this
game are: Linux Windows Wildcard

Versions will be switching during the game.

2. Teams try to put up their own defacement, take down other people's
defacement, and lock down the box to keep others teams out. The teams name
must be in the tag when they deface the site for the scoring
system to register it, but they can change the page however they like.

3. Once per minute (more or less) the scoring software will see who
currently owns the site, and score it.

4. Referees will work as a blue team to occasionally step in and change
things on the target IPs. Fix the defacement, patch, roll back changes,
switch Operating Systems, etc, just to even the playing field and make
things interesting.


1. Only penetrate the hosts at the given IPs, not the scoring box
( or other contestant's boxes.

2. DoS and network routing/traffic attacks are allowed, even on the
traffic coming to and from contestants and the scoring box.

3. Stay on the NetKotH network while attacking.

4. Martin and Adrian may change other rules at will.

Prize: TBA