Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trojan skewers security software with Windows:

Trojan skewers security software with Windows: Security watchers have discovered a Trojan that uses
built-in Windows functionality to overwrite security software and compromise systems. The malware…uses
Windows input method editor (IME) to inject a system, technology that normally creates a means for users to
enter characters not supported with their input device. For example, PC users with a 'Western' keyboard
would take advantage of the technology to input Chinese or Japanese characters. Security firm Websense,
which has written a detailed write-up of the malware, explained: "The trojan can install itself as an IME, then it
kills any running antivirus processes and deletes the installed antivirus executable files. The original
executable file of this trojan disguises itself as an antivirus update package." As Websense notes, the attacks
show that malware writers have begun using Windows input methods to infect vulnerable systems. [Date: 7
July 2010; Source: more..]